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Anbokja Hangwa (Hangwa)

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[Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation]

  • South Korea South Korea

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Anbokja Hangwa (Hangwa)


  • Hangwa (traditional Korean confectionary) is an essential part of feasts in Korea.
  • Handmade only with Korean ingredients by Korean Food Grand Master No. 60 An Bokja.


The products of AhnbokjaHangwa are Gangjung (oil-fried cookie made of glutinous rice powder and coated with popped rice), Yougwa (oil and honey pastry), Yakgwa (deep-fried honey cookies), Bugak (fried kelp), and so on. The ingredients of Gangjung are black rice, sesame, perilla seeds, peanuts, Baknyeoncho (opuntia), green laver, black sesame, hulled millets, green tea, and sweet pumpkin. Every ingredient is from Korea and the company cultivates all the glutinous rice that is need annually. The AhnbokjaHangwa uses 180 straw bags (1 straw bag = 80kg) of glutinous rice a year and about 9.6 tons of non-glutinous rice. The total amount of rice the company uses is about 24 tons a year. It makes ten gift packages distributed under the brand name ‘AhnbokjaHangwa.’


  • Ingredients : glutinous rice, popped rice

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_Ahnbokja_Hangwa Co___ Traditional Korean Cookie

_Ahnbokja_Hangwa Co___ Traditional Korean Cookie

_Ahnbokja_Hangwa Co___ Traditional Korean Cookie