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Kooksoondang (Baekseju)

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Kooksoondang (Baekseju)


  • Successor of Baekhaju, a choice liquor during the Goryeo Dynasty.
  • A medicinal wine made from 12 fermented ingredients including ginseng, the fruits of schisandra chinensis, and goji berries.


An excellent, deep, and mellow wine.
It is the representative wine of Korea that is brewed with excellent nuruk and seolgaeng rice (rice exclusively used for brewing) and 12 valuable herbs.

BEKSEJU, brewed by KOOKSOONDANG, which embraces the philosophy of putting human beings on the front burner, recently realized the traditional deep taste of the traditional wine. Its strong-but-smooth deep and harmonious tastes have been acknowledged by many of our customers.

Asia’s No.1 herbal wine BEKSEJU is made from glutinous rice, nuruk (yeast & enzyme) and choicest 12 oriental herbs including ginseng, ginger, cinnamon, etc. It is perfectly brewed and fermented in a patented and exclusive way based on the traditional Korean wine brewing formula.

Its natural flavor obtained from its oriental herbs is a true delight to the palate. It can be enjoyed for dinner and social parties. Recently, scientific evidence has demonstrated that BEKSEJU has an anti-cancer effect as well as a protective effect for the stomach.


Combinations :
Hanjeongsik (Korean table d’hote), jeon (pan-fried food), heo (sashimi), smoked duck with medicinal herbs, etc.

Bottle size 128ml, 300ml, 375ml, 500ml
Alcohol (A.B.V) 13%
Main Ingredient Specialty Rice ‘Seolgaeng’, Nuruk, 12 Oriental herbs
Sweetness ■■■□□ (3)
Sour ■■□□□ (2)
Flavor ■■■■□ (4)

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